Ways to Get Involved in Viva Florida

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Viva Florida partners with community organizations whose mission is to bring Florida’s culture and history to a wide audience.  To support partners, Viva Florida has a number of ways for partners to get involved and highlight Florida history and cultural heritage statewide.  Please take a moment to explore how organizations may participate in this ongoing statewide promotion of Florida:

  • Submit your event and/ or organization information to the official Viva Florida website at VivaFlorida.org – Located on the “Submit an Event” tab, listing your event is an easy way to gain extra recognition.  Also make sure your organization is featured on our “Explore” page by performing a quick search on the site.  If you would like to add your organization, please send the name, a description, the physical and digital addresses (i.e. website and Facebook) along with a photo and a link to a YouTube/Vimeo video (optional) to florida500info@dos.myflorida.com.
  •  Request and use the official Viva Florida logo –By connecting with the Viva Florida brand, your organization will benefit from association with the statewide campaign to raise awareness of Florida’s diverse history and cultural heritage. Request the logo at VivaFlorida.org for use on your marketing materials or website.
  • Promote to the media and cross-promote local Viva Florida  partners - Promote your Viva Florida 500 activities/events to media contacts including TV, radio, newspapers, local blog and magazine reporters, news desks and assignment editors to make them aware of your program; always include a call-to-action and a way to learn more, such as a website, while you also cross-promote other local cultural heritage partners to leverage word-of-mouth advertising throughout the community, county and region.  
  • Send your press releases or promotional videos to Florida500info@dos.myflorida.com – with the press release, Viva Florida will post information about your institution and events on our “Partner Features” page.  We encourage media to visit this page to find out more about statewide events and activities.  We can also feature your online videos on the multimedia page or directly with your organization’s listing.
  • Consider applying for a traveling exhibit, performer or speaker – The Museum of Florida History is offering a new traveling exhibit specific to Viva Florida.  Called Viva Florida: Florida Before Statehood, this exhibit explores the development of Florida into the great state we know today.  For more information visit VivaFlorida.org/TravelingExhibit.  Alternatively, bring in a performer through the Department of State’s Division of Cultural Affairs Touring Roster, Florida-Arts.org/Roster.  Or, you could reserve a knowledgeable speaker from The Florida Humanities Council‘s (FHC) Speaker’s Bureau.  FHC has an outstanding Viva Florida 500 Speakers Bureau and various educational resources for teachers at FloridaHumanities.org.
  • Utilize and connect with Social Media – both at the state and local levels. Always connect to related events and ask participants to like, follow, post pictures/videos, etc.  Be sure to connect with and continue to tag, trend and talk about Viva Florida through the official Viva Florida social media platforms -Facebook.com/VivaFlorida500, Twitter.com/VivaFlorida500.
  • Stay plugged in – Join the Viva Florida partnership (it’s free) on VivaFlorida.org to stay up-to-date and connected with other Viva Florida partners statewide through newsletters, webinars and teleconferences.

For more information on Viva Florida please consult these websites:

Viva Florida consumer website: VivaFlorida.org
Florida Department of State: DOS.state.fl.us
Florida Humanities Council: FloridaHumanities.org

Florida Department of State, 500 South Bronough Street, Tallahassee, FL 23299; 850-245-6500, florida500info@dos.myflorida.com

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